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Shelby Speaks with R & B Singer Glenn Jones

Shelby Interviews R & B Singer Glenn Jones about his upcoming concert next weekend at The Festival Of Life in Union Park July 3rd - 6th, 2014

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If you want to carry a gun but are worried about the new laws that's forthcoming.....perhaps you want to move to Allenton Ga where it's Mandatory......If you believe that the Chicago Public School Closures is dreadful, find out why teacherfs in Atlanta GA are going to jail for adjusting students test scores....why is Micheal Jackson's former doctor, Conrad Murray in the middle of a $40 Billion dollar lawsuit????......listen to Shelby's answers to all of your questions!!!!!!
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Shelby Moore Rant on Beyounce & Pres. Obama Gun Control

Did Beyounce really say the "B" Word in comparison to animals and Females.....and does Kenya West have a "God Complex" or is it just for his new album or has his Ego Run among and lastly, what did President Obama say regarding Gun Control? Listen to what Shelby has to say!!!!
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Shelby & Millie Jackson Interview

Did you know that Singing wasn't Millie Jackson's chosen career path? Do you remember her in the movie, "Cleopatra Jones"? Well, Shelby gets Miliie Jackson to open up on many topics during their interview of the Chi Town Blues Fest coming to the Holiday Star Plaza in Merriville on March 22, 2013
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Shelby Interview w/ Blues Artist Mel Waiters

Get the behind making of Mel Waiters hit song, "Got My Whiskey"  and which Artist & Record Company passed on his #1 Smash Song, and if you've ever wondered where did he get the name, "Suki Suki Man".....Shelby T. Moore asks him!!!!!
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