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Letter of Day: Son Who Idolizes Dad Must Eventually Be Told His Crime

I am a mother of four. My oldest son, Charles, is from a previous marriage. My ex was convicted of child molestation,
involving his daughter from a previous relationship.

Charles is now 11. He has had very few unsupervised visitations with his dad over the last few years and is always
talking about how great a guy he is. I have tried to explain that his father has done "inappropriate things" that got him
in trouble with the law, which is why he can't have contact with his sister.

Instead of trusting my judgment for having moved several states away, Charles always tells me about how he wants to go
live with his dad when he's 18. Being "Big Bad Mama" is no fun.

 The once-a-year gifts from his father trump any nice things my husband or I provide for him. How can I explain to my son that
I am only looking out for his best interests, and that he will never live with his dad? -- BIG BAD MAMA IN CHICAGO
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16-YEAR-OLD Opens World’s First Sneaker Pawn Shop [VIDEO]
To see this young man doing something as a amazing as this is exciting. I know when
I wasn't 16 I wasn't even THINKING about started my own company.

Chase Reed, 16, representing Harlen,NY sold his sneaker collection
(200 pair of shoes) to raise money to open his own pawn shop.

Check out how it all started in the video below.

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Police Officers Beats A Woman on Freeway;Not Charge?!
Story as reported by: EURWEB

The L. A. chapter of the National Action Network is calling for L. A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacy to
criminally prosecute the unidentified California Highway patrol officer for excessive use of force against an
African American female who has refused to give her name to police.

She was stopped by the officer for walking near the freeway ramp. And then viciously attacked by the officer
who was videotaped beating the woman by a passing motorist.

Check out the video reported by CBS NEWS

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