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Side Eye Saturday Goes To The Oscars

This week's side eye glare goes to the Academy Awards. There aren't any non-white nominations is the
acting category. The LA chapter of NAN (National Action Network) will be protesting the awards ceremony
Sunday. Many say the protest and indignation is not about the lack of nominations for the film Selma, but
about the lack of diversity worthy of praise. So, we say no more praise for servile roles, and no more praise
for an institution that still sees the world through a black and white lens. This deserves more than a side eye,
Oscar. Click here for Oscar protest.

Courtesy of Eurweb

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Side Eye Saturday: Mother Wins Lottery; Where Is The Baby Daddy?

Marie Holmes of Shallotte, North Carolina is one of the three mega winners from this
past week's $564 million lottery. Holmes, mother of four children, won $188 million.
Now, it's no surprise that your entire klan of kinfolks come out after it's been circulated
you just came into money. For Holmes, it's a great amount of money, and we're sure
she'll be hearing from all those "unknown" and "estranged" family members, not to
mention her kids' daddy (ies). It hasn't happened yet, but the kids' father gets the
side eye justi in case he does profess some suppressed love.
Check out Holmes'
story here.

Courtesy of Yahoo! News
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En Vogue Members Sued For Over $300M

Fab 1990's R&B group, En Vogue, hasn't released an album since 2004 and were
gearing up to record a new album in 2010, which unfortunately never materialized.
Why? It's been said two of the group's members, Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis,
reneged on their contract with Rufftown Entertainment by switching to another label.
Rufftown claims to have fronted the money for En Vogue's comeback, including studio
recording time and touring costs. See here for the scoop.

Courtesy of Billboard
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Sherri Shepherd's Ex, Lamar Sally, Seeks Child Support from Surrogate

First, Sherri Shepherd walks away from her marriage with Lamar and the
unborn child being carried by a surrogate. Now, Lamar Sally is seeking
child support from the surrogate who carried Lamar, Jr., even though the
egg used to make the baby doesn't belong to the surrogate, or Sherri Shepherd,
for that matter. Basically, the surrogate, Jessica Bartholomew was paid to carry a
child that was not hers biologically. Much to think about, isn't it? Read more here.

Courtesy of Dlisted
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Side Eye Saturday - The Parents of Willow Smith

The parents of Willow Smith, star couple Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, have always
advocated for the freedom of expression in regards to their children, stressing their
own upbringings would not work with their own children. So this week, their daughter,
Willow Smith, posted an picture of herself on Instagram wearing a vintage Jean Paul
Gaultier shirt which had breasts drawn on it. Many people feel the shirt was
inappropriate for a 14 year old, but hey, who are we to say Will and Jada need to
pull the "expression" reins in a bit tighter in regards to their children? Well, they still
get the side eye.

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