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Side-Eye Saturday

Hacked emails of Sony executives Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin reveal what movies they
thought President Obama would like, such as Django, 12 Years a Slave, The Butler, and
Ride Along. Of course their leaked correspondence caused them to issue apologies to
anyone they offended. For that, 'cause you got busted, Kenya Simone gives you the
"side-eye." Click here for their apologetic story.

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Beyonce Releases Video Narrative

Entitled "Yours and Mine," this 11 minute video is shot in black and white with amazing effects and dissolves. Beyonce narrates the video, coming off like she's reading from a diary entry, explaining the pitfalls of fame and the transcendence of her personal, life journey.

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Lifetime Releases Movie Trailer of "Whitney"

Waiting for the Whitney Houston biopic from Lifetime? Here's the trailer.

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Beyonce Makes Grammy History

Beyonce just beat out Dolly Parton with 52 Grammy nominations, making her the most Grammy-nominated woman ever. Parton has 46 Grammy nominations to date. Only 33 years old, and Beyonce is shaking things up with more nominations we're sure to come. Click here for details.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
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Congressional Aide Slams Obama's Daughters

Elizabeth Lauten, communications director for Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-Tenn), took to Facebook and criticized President Obama's daughters for inappropriate dress and conduct while President Obama partook in the annual presidential turkey pardon. Of course, Lauten apologized later. Get full story here.

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