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Andrew Caldwell 'I'm NOt Gay No More' on iTunes?

And this story just keeps getting crazier.

After we reported last week about this young man and his 'delivery',
now it looks as though he is trying to capitalize on this church moment.

According to TMZ

The church where the "I'm Not Gay No More" guy went straight is not only intolerant toward gays, they have an
intense dislike for people who steal their tunes.

The Church of God in Christ insists Andrew Caldwell call in the lawyers ... because their now-famous parishioner
jazzed up his hilarious moment with background singers and released it on iTunes.

Read more HERE

The song has been available on iTunes since November 12th 2014.
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Question of the Day: Can Gays Be Delievered?

After a COGIC convention service went viral with a young man by the name of Andrew Cadwell,

I'm not gay no more. I am delievered! I don't like mens no more. I like women!

has a lot of nonbelievers and belivers are questioning
the integrity of the church.

Some are believing that the church released this video for publicity.
Here is a part of the video that went viral over numerous social sites

Others think this young man is lieing for money.
What are your thoughts? God has never been short on miracles.
If he can heal drug addicts and people who have been involved in prositution, how
can he not be saved?

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Gabrielle Union Pens Letter about iCloud Photo leak

After numerous celebrity females ended up in a nude scandal from the celebrity iCloud hacking scandal earlier this year,
some women have stepped up and asked "where are the feminist activist groups when you need them?"

In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, Gabrielle Union dedided to pen an open letter published in the form of a
lengthy essay in which she vows to fight back.

She reveals that she found out the photos hit the Internet during her honeymoon with Dwyane Wade.

An insert from the essay states:

A day after I got married this past August, rumors spread on the Internet that my name was on a list of more than 100 women whose private photos had been stolen off Apple's iCloud. I had been so happy that week, thinking about my wedding and honeymoon with my new husband, Miami Heat basketball player Dwyane Wade. But suddenly, I felt paralyzed.


This article was originally published as "My Nude Photos Were stolen, and I'm Fighting Back" in the
December 2014 issue of
Cosmopolitan. Click here to get the issue in the iTunes store!

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NEW MUSIC: J MOSS ft. Faith Evans - You Make Me Feel

At the end every tradegy comes a triumph. After recently escaping a fire and losing everything gospel artist
J Moss is not letting that stop the music.
He has since revealed his new album Grown Folks Gospel
will be dropping November 25, 2014.

J Moss
has just released "You Make Me Feel," a new song featuring the incomparable Faith Evans!
Check it out below:

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