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COMMENTARY: Ferguson Cops Should Be Fired for Wearing 'Wilson' Bracelets, Coveri

It’s time to clean house in the Ferguson Police Department.

Cops should be turning in their guns and badges and clearing out today. They don’t respect black people – and they don’t respect the judicial process.

While a grand jury in St. Louis gathers evidence in the Michael Brown case, the deep racial divide between black residents and white police could not be more apparent: The U.S. Justice Department has recently ordered Ferguson Police officers to stop wearing “I am Darren Wilson” bracelets in vigorous support of the white officer who shot and killed Brown, an unarmed black teenager.

“These bracelets reinforce the very ‘us versus them’ mentality that many residents of Ferguson believe exists,” Christy Lopez, deputy chief of the special litigation section of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, wrote in a letter to Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson last week.

It’s already a tense time in Ferguson. Black residents are anxiously waiting for the grand jury to make a decision about Wilson and they openly question why prosecutors initially said a decision was expected in October, but then extended the grand jury’s work until January, but now they say the deadline is back to the original timeline of October.

So what’s going on?

Here are the facts: Chief Jackson agreed to bar his officers from wearing the bracelets while in uniform and on duty. Ferguson police and the Justice Department have been investigating the August 9 shooting of Michael Brown. A grand jury is deliberating about whether to charge Wilson. Ferguson is a predominantly African American city but there are only three black police officers on the 53-person force.

And here’s the truth: Black folks have a right to be skeptical. White police officers in Ferguson have decided to rally around their fellow cop who shot Brown which completely decimates the credibility between white police and the black community while police, who took an oath to protect and serve, are patrolling the streets.

So who exactly are these cops protecting and serving? And when did it become acceptable – and legal – for police officers to form a support group for one of their own during an active shooting death investigation and a grand jury inquiry?

Chief Jackson should be reprimanded – or fired — to allowing it. He only took action against his officers because the Justice Department forced his hand. And that’s why Jackson’s long-delayed apology to the Brown family seems hollow and phony.

And here’s another very disturbing racially-charged development on Jackson’s watch: Lopez also urged Jackson to ensure that his officers wear their name tags in keeping with department policy. Black residents noticed that Ferguson police officers were patrolling without name tags — or with their names covered by black tape.

Really? It smacks of a criminal conspiracy in the making.

“Allowing officers to remain anonymous when they interact with the public contributes to mistrust and undermines accountability,” Lopez wrote to Jackson. “The failure to wear name plates conveys a message to community members that, through anonymity, officers may seek to act with impunity.”

It also says to me that these police officers in Ferguson have absolutely no respect for the people they serve and they are showing complete disdain for the entire black community. For police officers to cover their name tags with black tape is tantamount to wearing a white hood: They can do their worst to black residents and not be identified.

That’s not law enforcement – it’s unapologetic vigilantly behavior and it should be illegal. These cops are guilty of insubordination and they have no business on the Ferguson police force. If they don’t want residents to know who they are, then they should get out of law enforcement immediately.

And it’s not too late for Police Chief Tom Jackson to do the right thing: He should place his name plate, gun, and badge on his desk, offer his letter of resignation, and follow the other racially-misguided cops out of the building. What do you think?
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OSU Marching Band 'Melts' Rival Michigan With 'Wizard of Oz' Show [WATCH]

  Ohio State University is giving the famed HBCU bands a good run for their money. The Ohio State University marching band who has generated headlines lately for their elaborate halftime shows is coordinated by a team of people that includes Michael Smith, the African-American assistant director of marching and athletic bands. Their tributes to Michael Jackson and to classic TV half-time shows have become something of collegiate legend as of late. “We’re just trying to bring some good music to the people,” Smith told the TJMS.

Here’s another example of their on-field wizardry – this time, their version of the classic movie The Wizard of Oz, complete with the famous yellow-brick road. The band must be inspiration – Ohio State is among the leaders in the BCS – with a 3-1 record and a two-game winning streak.
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Bishop T.D. Jakes Is Suing Young Jeezy & Kendrick Lamar For Using His Voice On '

Young Jeezy and Kendrick Lamar may be attracting attention from fans with the remix to Jeezy’s single “Holy Ghost,” but the song is garnering a different type of look from Bishop T.D. Jakes. reports the pastor’s legal team will be taking legal action against the song for the unauthorized use of his popular sermon “Don’t Let The Chatter Stop You.” An annotated version of the message featured in the into to the “Holy Ghost” remix includes Jakes preaching the following part:

To tell myself, I’m still on fire.
I’m under attack, but I’m still on fire
I got some chatter, but I’m still on fire
I got some threat, but I’m still on fire
I got some liabilities, but I’m still on fire If it’s not amazing that I’m on fire
I’ve been to hell and back, but I’m still on fire

Jakes’ sermon, along with verses from Jeezy and Lamar, make up the content for the “Holy Ghost” remix. In his verse, Jeezy reminisces over days as a drug dealer in order to make money in addition to talking about his how his life is now after he became famous.

Lamar goes in next with bars that go into how he enjoys the materialism and sexual experiences of his new life but questions if he is a true role model by doing so. According to reports, the song title, “Holy Ghost” is based on the nickname Jeezy has for his Rolls Royce. On Tuesday, the following statement was posted on Facebook regarding the song:

Since the release of the statement, no updates regarding specific legal action for the case has been given.N
ews of the case comes amid the recent release of Jeezy’s latest album, “Seen It All: The Autobiography.”
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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Says it's Time to Decriminalize Pot Possession

On Tuesday in Illinois, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel called on the state’s General Assembly to decriminalize marijuana possession statewide and to reduce the penalty to a misdemeanor for those caught with 1 gram or less of any controlled substance. For the full story CLICK HERE
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Hacked! Gabrielle Union, Rihanna and Meagan Good The Latest Victims

An anonymous hacker has struck again and this time more Black actresses were the victims. A week or so ago, an anonymous hacker released a series of photos of celebrity women including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, actress/model Kate Upton and several other actresses and athletes. Singer/actress Jill Scott was one of them, although she later said that one of the photos wasn’t her.

In this latest hack, uploaded as the first ones were, to the website 4chan, which is known as a hangout for hackers and various web subcultures, nude photos reportedly taken by Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good and Rihanna were posted online.

As Rihanna has been hacked in the past and has taken naked photos and posted them online herself (leading to her being banned from Instagram) she didn’t release any statement, but recently married Union responded by reporting the violation to the FBI. She and husband Dwyane Wade released a joint statement to TMZ.

“It has come to our attention that our private moments, that were shared and deleted solely between my husband and myself, have been leaked by some vultures.

“I can’t help but to be reminded that since the dawn of time women and children, specifically women of color, have been victimized, and the power over their own bodies taken from them. These atrocities against women and children continue worldwide.

“For anyone out there also being affected by these and other hacking and hate crimes – We send our love, support and prayers. We have done nothing wrong.” Good took to Instagram to post a response, saying those who reposted the photos should be ashamed of themselves.

Oh yeah, some Kim Kardashian nudes hit the web, as well. So far, she hasn’t responded.
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