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Side Eye Saturday - The Parents of Willow Smith

The parents of Willow Smith, star couple Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, have always
advocated for the freedom of expression in regards to their children, stressing their
own upbringings would not work with their own children. So this week, their daughter,
Willow Smith, posted an picture of herself on Instagram wearing a vintage Jean Paul
Gaultier shirt which had breasts drawn on it. Many people feel the shirt was
inappropriate for a 14 year old, but hey, who are we to say Will and Jada need to
pull the "expression" reins in a bit tighter in regards to their children? Well, they still
get the side eye.

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Paula Called In To Testify On Robin's Behalf

Robin Thicke had to call estranged wife Paula (Patton) to come in to court and
testify on his behalf for another Marvin Gaye "theft of creativity" controversy.
Not only is Thicke still under legal fire for "Blurred Lines," but now the Gaye
estate assesses that Thicke also illegally used portions of Marvin Gaye's
"After the Dance" for the composition of Thicke's hit song "Love After War."
Paula Patton was called in to testify because she was a co-writer for "Love After
War." Read more here.

Courtesy of TMZ
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Side Eye Saturday: North Miami Police Use Black Mugshots For Target Practice

North Miami Beach police have caught heat for using mugshots of African-American
men for target practice. The police department said the mugshots were of those
arrested over ten years ago, and that it's not unusual for them to use mugshots to
sharpen shooting skills. We don't know about that. Sounds like bad judgement, Mr.
Policeman. So sad, you made us give you the side eye. Read here for more.

Courtesy of Yahoo! News
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Tupac Shakur Gets Exhibit at Grammy Museum

The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles will open its Tupac Shakur exhibit, entitled,
"All Eyes On Me: The Writings of Tupac Shakur." The exhibit, which starts Feb. 2 to
April 22, will feature personal items, clothing and lyrics by the late rapper.
Read here
for more.

Courtesy of Rolling Stone
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Side Eye Saturday: Shoplifting Couple Arrested, Leaves Kids in Car

A couple in Florida left their children, ages two to seven, in the car while they went to
rob a local Walmart. We all know crime doesn't pay, especially for those that don't
think it out too clearly. The couple was arrested and didn't inform the police their
children were in the car in the Walmart parking lot. There's so much more to this
story, but in the meantime, these hapless two misfits get Kenya Simone's side eye.
Click here for full story.

Courtesy of The Smoking Gun
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Blue Ivy Feeds a Tiger...Not Cool With Animal Rights Activists

Animal rights activist don't share the euphoria with the Carter family's recent visit to
Thailand. The famous music couple posted a picture of their daughter, Blue Ivy,
feeding a tiger milk in a bottle. Apparently, World Animal Protection campaigners
say the Carters are not aware of the cruelty animals suffer at tourists' expenses.
View pics and read more here.

Courtesy of Yahoo! Celebrity
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Dr. Dre Earned $20 a Second in 2014

Selling Beats headphones to Apple has definitely made super-extroardinary producer
Dr. Dre an even richer man. It's estimated that Dr. Dre earned around $20 a second
last year, collectively $620,000,000. Click here for full story.

Courtesy of The Urban Daily
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Side Eye Saturday - Madonna

Who gets Kenya Simone's side eye shade today? Looks like Madonna. The material girl is promoting a new album and uses certain kinds of imagery with Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Bob Marley as props. Click here for full story.
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Englewood Teen Writes Santa, Pres. Obama Replies

Malik Bryant, a 13 year old boy from Chicago's Englewood neighborhood, writes Santa to make it safe in his neighborhood. Santa didn't write back, but President Obama did, offering encouragement and motivation.

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