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Side Eye Saturday - Charlotte, NC Ritz-Carlton

A couple at the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, North Carolina received a surprise surcharge
for attending a CIAA (Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association) function. Their bill
for a few drinks and sweet potato fries was $68 and some change, with a $10.20
gratuity charge spelled out on the receipt: CIAA SVC CHRG  $10.20. The surcharge,
gratuity, whatever you call it, boggled the couple, and us as well. When asked if they
have ever assessed a surcharge for any other convention, the Ritz-Carlton was mums
on the matter. Oh, Carlton, today, you get the side eye. Click here for story.

Courtesy of The Charlotte Observer
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Prince Goes On US Tour

Prince, the legendary icon he is, is going on tour in the US. The tour will be named
"Hit and Run." Sounds like that's what the purple one may do. His "Hit and Run" tour
will begin March 14 in Louisville, Kentucky. The other dates and locations...well, the
purple one will let you know. Click here for story.

Courtesy of Yahoo! News
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Side Eye Saturday Goes To The Oscars

This week's side eye glare goes to the Academy Awards. There aren't any non-white
nominations is the acting category. The LA chapter of NAN (National Action
Network) will be protesting the awards ceremony Sunday. Many say the protest and
indignation is not about the lack of nominations for the film Selma, but about the lack
of diversity worthy of praise. So, we say no more praise for servile roles, and no more
praise for an institution that still sees the world through a black and white lens. This
deserves more than a side eye, Oscar. Click here for Oscar protest.

Courtesy of Eurweb

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Side Eye Saturday: Mother Wins Lottery; Where Is The Baby Daddy?

Marie Holmes of Shallotte, North Carolina is one of the three mega winners from this
past week's $564 million lottery. Holmes, mother of four children, won $188 million.
Now, it's no surprise that your entire klan of kinfolks come out after it's been circulated
you just came into money. For Holmes, it's a great amount of money, and we're sure
she'll be hearing from all those "unknown" and "estranged" family members, not to
mention her kids' daddy (ies). It hasn't happened yet, but the kids' father gets the
side eye justi in case he does profess some suppressed love.
Check out Holmes'
story here.

Courtesy of Yahoo! News
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En Vogue Members Sued For Over $300M

Fab 1990's R&B group, En Vogue, hasn't released an album since 2004 and were
gearing up to record a new album in 2010, which unfortunately never materialized.
Why? It's been said two of the group's members, Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis,
reneged on their contract with Rufftown Entertainment by switching to another label.
Rufftown claims to have fronted the money for En Vogue's comeback, including studio
recording time and touring costs. See here for the scoop.

Courtesy of Billboard
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